Video convertion with VLC

I must have used the wrong searching terms since it took me a while to figure out how to do exactly that with software I already had installed on my PC: vlc. And quite simple, too. I’ve given it a whirl ages ago trying to save a stream from the net — with vlc it’s just the same with different parameters — but failed. But first I had to waste some time with Jahshaka which looks quite good for real video editing. It’s to complex, though, for a simple thing as converting a video or just cutting out a small time line peace of it. And with a newer version of vlc, here are the 5 simple steps needed:

  1. Select the transcoder
    Select the transcoder
  2. Select the stream/file and optionally select the start and end in seconds (as displayed by vlc when you watch the file), supposing you ordinarily opened the file to convert before hand:
    Select the stream
  3. Select video and audio codecs you want to use. Note, that not all combinations are useful and some limit the choises for the next option.
    Select codecs for video and audio
  4. Select encapsulation format:
    Select encapsulation format
  5. And the last step: Save as target file.

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