Ubuntu: Installing the Opera Browser via repository

It really is very simple, especially if you are familiar (like I was) with the Debian apt system. All you have to do for the 7.04 “Feisty Fawn” release as suggested by Ubuntu Community:

  1. Add the repository line to your sources.list by hand (sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list && sudo aptitude update) or via the GUI (Applications -> Add/Remove… -> Preferences -> Third-Party Software -> Add… and don’t mistakenly hit “Revert” afterwards; hit Close!):
    deb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu feisty-commercial main
  2. Even though they suggest to search for “Opera” with the graphical user end (it’s called Synaptic Package Manager) it wouldn’t list it for me. So I went:
    sudo aptitude install opera
  3. Hit Enter for aptitudes question to install additional packages.

After the install run you find Opera listed in the Applications menu (in your Gnome desktop panel menu bar, i.e. upper left corner) sorted in as Internet Application. By the way, the standard keyboard shortcut for that menu is Alt+F1.

Edit: The code line above starting with “deb” is to be one single line!



  1. sysblogd said,

    Wednesday, 29th Aug 2007 at 07:47

    Thanks for the hint, r76.

    As far as I recall I let it recalculate the cache when asked by the GUI. But since I’m very familia with the apt family I still prefer it over the graphical alternatives. That’s also why I’m still not sure if the “Add/Remove…” calls synaptic or some other package manager. And I don’t mind this uncertainty this far, really.

  2. r76 said,

    Tuesday, 28th Aug 2007 at 23:47

    thanks, i was googling for this exact repo!
    silly question, but did you remember to hit reload in the synaptic package list before searching for opera – it showed up ok in mine.
    all the best 🙂

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