Google alternatives

Recently I was listening to a podcast by the German radio station Bayern 5. One topic, amongst others, was google alternatives. I’d just like to list them here with a short personal description and example searches each (searching for Edgar Allan Poe).

  1. — a semantic search engine, where one can ask complete questions or frases and hakia highlights what it thinks is the answer given per search result. You get an table of content and summary kind of view when you, for example, search for a person.
  2. — “Founded in December 2003 the company is headquartered in Munich but truly European” (from their company site). Seams fast and has the option of preview-loading the search results.
  3. — a Frensh one. Slower, has screen shots as previews (doesn’t actually load the sites) and seams to use ajax, let’s you narrow your search or give more general info about your search, features a categories|keywords kind of clowd. I cannot say anything about the search quality, but UI quality is very promissing.
  4. — shows resulting pages as images with search term highlighted
  5. — actually a meta search engine, showing it’s result as a 2D cluster with distances. Interesting, but to slow for daily use (I couldn’t figure out how to get a example search link).
  6. — Unfortunately it wouldn’t load in my opera browser via, and only quite slow at first in FF. With it does load in opera, too. The strategy seams to be narrowing the search showing the top results.
  7. — shows “related searches” to narrow and as a plus give the opportunity to call upon a human guide to help narrow the search. It integrates‘s video wall.
  8. — List and heaps of info on search engines (German only).

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