Reporting bugs for Ubuntu

Because I like the idea of a package, i.e. program, called from the computer the bug occurs on and automating the process of gathering relevant information I was, while using Debian, very fond of the package called reportbug in Debian. As far as I know there are three ways to report bugs found or acknowledged while using Ubuntu:

  1. For Debian sourced packages Ubuntu has reportbug, too
  2. Then there is Launchpad, a web-based reporting system that Ubuntu employ
  3. For GNOME software there is a package called bug-buddy
  4. Update: I just stumbled upon apport, Ubunuts’ own automated bug reports. I haven’t figured out yet, how to utilize it if not invoked automatically.

Even though I (so far) can not find a way to utilize apport manually for automatically launched crash reports it’s what I would expact from such a tool:

  • inform the user about the issue
  • gather relevant information
  • let the user know about what’s to be send
  • look for similar bugs in the bug tracker
  • let the user participate in the bug process, eg. subscribe to the bug

Only thing now is to find out how use it if it wasn’t launched automatically…

Update: Digging a little I can warmly recommend apport which should process crashes dumped to /var/crash automatically initiated from update-notifier. For some reason this just didn’t happen for me.


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  1. Paul said,

    Tuesday, 18th Dec 2007 at 07:39

    You can run apport-cli from the terminal to `manually’ report a crash if the update-notifier gui doesnt automatically launch:

    $ apport-cli

    I spent ages trying to make apport launch after a crash before stumbling across this one. I discovered that the command line utility will search /var/crash and then prompt you for input before launching the browser on launchpad. A satisfactory workaround in my view.

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