Drupal 6: Redirect Users to your Frontpage/Startpage/node after they logged in

In Drupal 6 this can be done with core modules like this:

  1. enable Trigger module
  2. add an action
  3. add advanced action at the bottom and choose “Redirect to URL”
  4. use description regardless of how you will use it but rather describing what this action does; e.g. “redirect to start node”
  5. as URL apply “node” (without the quotation marks). Instead of node you can redirect to any url you like. See my screenshot for how it could look.
  6. set-up the appropriate trigger
  7. from the drop-down list at “Trigger: After a user has logged in” select your new action from just now
  8. log out and back in again to test it

Note: In the links provided you need to change “your-domain-path-to-drupal” with your actual domain name to become something like http://example.com/admin. Or navigate as usual if you now where to find the settings pages in Drupal 6. If you happen to have clean urls disabled you might know already that you need to prefix the admin path (as every other path) by “?q=” so it all together looks like this: http://example.com/?q=admin. This, however, doesn’t concern the node parameter where you redirect to. That’s always an internal relative path without the leading slash; or some full url of corse.

Update 05/2009: If you want a simple module to do that for you useLogin Destination. To redirect user/1 to /admin and site users “back” to the page they logged in from the following PHP snippet should work for Drupal 6 (not tested, feedback welcome!):

global $user;
  if ($user->uid == 1) {
    // Redirect the Administrator
    return 'admin';
  } else {
    return ($_REQUEST['q']);



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