Emerge clone for Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu, or: Compile your own, dude!

There is a nice overview about apt-build, the package I’m talking about here. So I will not say much. Only so far as what to do to try it out. On my system gnomes system manager is fairly slow. So I gave it a try:

  1. install the bundle:
    sudo aptitude --reinstall install apt-build
  2. configure your processor (dpkg-configure asks you about it)
  3. add deb-src to sources.list if you haven’t already
  4. run it on gnome-system-manager:
    sudo apt-build install gnome-system-manager

And there you have it. You might want to copy the list of packages that apt-build installs via apt-get build-dep so you can mark them as auto installed using aptitude when done:

sudo aptitude markauto list_of_packages_you_copied_before

or, even easier, use apt-builds –remove-builddep option.

It really does make a difference!

If you’re really keen or you happen to have an older system just wasting away try this:

sudo apt-build world

and see what happens đŸ˜‰

Making Apache server use SSL only

Here is a forum post on how to make all incoming connections to your apache web server redirect to https, i.e. take encripted connections via ssl by using apache’s rewrite module.

Why not closed source (proprietary software)

For a simple yet powerful reason why closed source is so problematic in a global connected world see eEye’s Zero-Day Tracker. Even taking into account that Microsoft has a long list of products watch out to how many times their name is listed and how long it has taken them to find a fix (in some cases they haven’t even, yet!). Consider on contrary that open source developers are not subject to time zones, i.e. beeing a global community there is no such thing as closing time for open source developers.

zero day tracker record and counting…

727 day — that is more than two years — and counting is the record. Even though the security level is low, I reckon this tells stories… I do not know, though, how complete is the list nor is anything said whether issues on Linux/BSD are recorted.