Feedjit: See who’s with you when you’re reading a site

While reading on improvements for GNOME I noticed a sidebar showing who’s reading other then me right now, where they come from (city) and where they came from (site). While shocked (a little 😉 ) at first I came to think how nice an extra information it is to find other resources on the web from people likely with the same interests. I would love to see a widget for wordpress.com!

Get an impression:

FEEDJIT Live traffic feed on VentureCake

Update: Sadly, we won’t see Feedjit or other scripting stuff here on wordpress.com.


Ready for some energetic, artistic stage performance? Check out “Story of the Year”

Story of The Year – In The Shadows (Live on Pepsi Smash):

Story of the Year – Anthem of our Dying Day (also Live on Papsi Smash Dec 2006):

Story of the year – Until the day (Hard Rock live):

Live de Story of the Year – And The Hero Will Drown (Live at Kimmel):

Yet another live version of And The Hero Will Drown taken from Live In The Lou:

And last but not at all least some footage on the band: Story of the Year – Taste of Chaos International 2005

My first Time — Impressions using Joost

unexpected wind hose on Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 1998Carlos from Flash Enabled kindly offered an invitation to joost. Since I was looking for a way to watch the AC2007 matches online with a fairly slow connection (512 kB/s) — hence looking for quality video caching — I gave it a try (I haven’t afforded a digital tv card, yet). Discovering a broadcast for those races was disappointed. Instead I was solaced with “X Force – Episode 5: The Science of Sailing“, a report on 1998th Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (630 nm).

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