Some clarification on Creative Commons (CC) and General Public Licence (GPL) issues

If you ever where in the need to license your work — let be creative work what so ever — and the desire to do so with freedom in mind (as in “free speech” not in “free beer”) you must have been puzzled to peaces. Unless you happen to be equipped, besides your knowledge for the craft, with legal knowledge in that matter that is. I reckon most artists nor computer enthusiasts aren’t. At least, I’m not. So, an article on written by Nathan Willis came in very handy to at least give an introduction and some clarification to the issue of mixing those licenses. Say, you run a free operating system and want to integrate some desktop eyecandies, themes, icons, what-so-ever. If you don’t find that tricky already think about releasing something like a modification of the theme or a new program using some bits of an icon set or a new distro or some music mix using sounds from a theme, some video production with light effects from some application using a special theme … I guess you get the problem here.