How to Build a Windows XP SP3 Integrated Installation CD

You need:

  1. Old/original Windows XP installation CD (any of SP0 to SP2 will do even though only those from SP2 are supported officially). Make sure to use build 5512 or above.
  2. Microsoft Windows SP3
  3. unzipper like WinRar, unrar for  Linux / Ubuntu or the like
  4. ISO creator / CD burn program like mkisofs, InfraRecorder, UltraISO, Basero (or others) or even old school
  5. Boot image exctracted using BBIE or use this (also see box below)
  6. ~ 1 GB free tmp space on disk

You do:

  1. Extract / copy old Windows CD‘s content (including hidden files!) to one folder (e.g. c:\XPCD)
  2. extract SP3‘s content to another folder (e.g. c:\XPSP3) using e.g. unrar, winrar or hit Win+R and type
    c:\XPSP3\windowsxp-kb936929-sp3-x86-enu.exe –x

    and select target folder, here c:\XPSP3

  3. To slipstream the old CD do Win+R and copy+paste or type
    c:\XPSP3\i386\update\update.exe /integrate:c:\XPCD
  4. Create bootable CD image or CD using the boot image and your updated folder c:\XPCD. I recommend using mkisofs (Windows or Linux executable) using
    mkisofs \
        -b cdboot/msboot.img -no-emul-boot -boot-load-seg 1984 -boot-load-size 4 \
        -iso-level 2 -J -l -D -N -joliet-long -relaxed-filenames \
        -V "WINSP" \
        -o ../winsp.iso .

    from within the root folder of the CD to be, i.e. c:\XPCD. You need to extract the El Torito image first. Create a new folder there and drop your boot image, i.e. cdboot/msboot.img. This can be done under Linux for example using geteltorito /dev/scd0 > cdboot/msboot.img (or use BBIE or IsoBuster in Windows or Wine).

  5. Done.

You might want to try booting from the image using VirtualBox.


/dev/scd0 > {in-dir}/boot.bin