Learning Learning: Neuroinformatics / Data Mining Link Collection

Since I’m currently studying for my next oral diploma exam on “introduction to neural information processing” (called Neuroinformatics and Data Mining) there are, of course, some Internet references of interest (mainly German):

Books I recommend:

Neural Netzworks - Raúl RojasRojas’ Theorie Neuronaler Netze A Classic: Raúl Rojas: “Theorie der neuronalen Netze.” First print published 1993 at Springer-Verlag, Berlin. ISBN: 3540563539 or it’s english version “Neural Networks” (Rojas says: “The English version is almost a new book”) ISBN: 3540605053. I only read the german version, so far. This I can recommend as it’s language is easily understandable which helps in the learning process. I gives a good overview over established neural modells without loosing details. It’s more on the theoretic side, though.

Neuronale Netze und Fuzzy-Systeme - NauckDetlef Nauck et all.: “Neuronale Netze und Fuzzy-Systeme.” Published at Vieweg 1993. ISBN: 3528052651. Even though it reads Fuzzy-Systems in the title about the first half of the book introduces artificial and biological neural methods in a quite practical manner. It gives many easy and basic examples helping to understand the principles, pros and cons of the many approaches.