Ubuntu: Wine and PortableApps

Since I have been using PortableApps (especially Thunderbird) for a while I figured I’d use wine to avoid configuring email accounts and all that hassle. All it was, after collecting some information (I should have found that page before even installing Ubuntu!), is this:

  1. Get the PortableApps somewhere writable (I made a new ntfs partition using fuse-utils and ntfsprogs) — I have enabled compression on my Windows XP NTFS partitions which no Linux NTFS driver is capable of at the moment.
  2. Mount the partition eg. via sudo ntfsmount /dev/hda2 /media/portablestuff -o uid=1000
  3. Install wine: sudo aptitude install wine
  4. Run any program via command line something like this: $wine /media/portablestuff/path/to/ThunderbirdPortable/ThunderbirdPortable.exe
  5. To unmount use sudo fusermount -u /media/portablestuff