Ever thought about a system to keep your data sychronized on the move?

Over the years I often have thought how great a situation it would be if you’d come home from a conference/trip with your laptop, tuck it into the charger. Within seconds you’d be able to work on the more comfy desktop environment — meaning larger screen, nicer HIDs — and work on your automatically synchronized data without any intervention. And, also, your wife (or any “co-user” of parts of your data) could read the photos you saved on your laptop right away…

Until now I’ve never actually came across a setup that would work anything near this scenario, without an installation process that would take weeks that it. I came across thinks like coda, subversion, rsync, unionfs and heaps more. Recently I came by an article on slashdot where someone posted something very similar. Further down the suggestions by others there was a hint pointing to a new approach called dropbox. They say

imagine the best aspects of rsync, trac, subversion, but easy to use

A screencast is available, too.