Installing TYPO3 Version 4 on Debian

Just a quick walk through the steps necessary to get typo3 up and running. I had serendipity running for some time on apache2.2 with php5. So that worked prior to installing typo3. Than do

  1. sudo aptitude install typo3 php5-curl unrtf (php5-curl and unrft are only suggestions I splashed out on)
  2. zless /usr/share/doc/typo3/README.Debian.gz which lists what else to do
  3. sudo ln -s /etc/typo3-dummy/apache.conf /etc/apache2/sites-available/typo3 to make the typo3 directory (and underlying php stuff) available to apache2
  4. sudo rm -f /etc/apache2/conf.d/typo3-dummy.conf which is placed here by the debian package (maybe it is better placed here because it’s not really a site but some basic server config… I’ll delete it anyway)
  5. sudo a2ensite typo3 to enable the “site”. Bear in mind that this config grants access from anywhere (Order allow,deny \ Allow from all)
  6. sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload or alternatively do apache2ctl restart which, as the command suggests, restarts the whole server.
  7. Since PHP save mode is used the file and directory permissions on file system level have to be set to WWWUSER/WWWGROUP (www-data/www-data) for /var/lib/typo3-dummy. It’s done by the package allready.
  8. Log in to phpmyadmin and create a table (search for “Create new database”) named “typo3-dummy” (don’t use “typo3-dummy” unless you can enter the escape sequence "\`" for characters like “-“). An alternative method is to use the command line mysqladmin -u root -p create typo3dummy (see the typo3 wiki and mysql manual)
  9. Use the command line mysql -u root -p typo3dummy to log in to the new database (note the command is not mysqladmin) and grant permissions with mysql> GRANT ALL ON typo3dummy.* TO '<username>'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '<password>';
    where everything in <> has to be individually replaced (without the <>).
  10. Now the hot stuff begins: Point the browser at http://servername/typo3/ which will start the 1-2-3 install tool. Login with your root user and password for mysql server and follow the steps. That’s it, folks! Enjoy.

Looking for a quick starter, some test page to try out typo3 on? Have a look at a german tutorial by Dawn or go directly to the suggested url to download the .t3d and instructions. Another place to go and grab some it the YAML for typo3 page. One might need to increase the memory size available to php via the apache config file /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini and search for memory_limit. Don’t forget to reload the apache2 configs afterwards.