Mashups for

Here are some more or less useful mashups (-lists) I stumbled upon that seam to be nice:’s events function together with fusecal could be very usefull for bands’ websites to give visiters an easy way to be noticed only for concerts around there home town, e.g.

Feedjit: See who’s with you when you’re reading a site

While reading on improvements for GNOME I noticed a sidebar showing who’s reading other then me right now, where they come from (city) and where they came from (site). While shocked (a little 😉 ) at first I came to think how nice an extra information it is to find other resources on the web from people likely with the same interests. I would love to see a widget for!

Get an impression:

FEEDJIT Live traffic feed on VentureCake

Update: Sadly, we won’t see Feedjit or other scripting stuff here on


My first Time — Impressions using Joost

unexpected wind hose on Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 1998Carlos from Flash Enabled kindly offered an invitation to joost. Since I was looking for a way to watch the AC2007 matches online with a fairly slow connection (512 kB/s) — hence looking for quality video caching — I gave it a try (I haven’t afforded a digital tv card, yet). Discovering a broadcast for those races was disappointed. Instead I was solaced with “X Force – Episode 5: The Science of Sailing“, a report on 1998th Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (630 nm).

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Plain Mashups were yesterday; today is supposed to be Pipe

Ever looked for a new apartment with special features such as lake side online and fat up with doing e.g. google maps look-ups for each inserat over and over? Or showing artist pictures while “mouse overing” at This is supposed to be possible with pipes (I haven’t had the urge trying it out myself, yet).

See how O’Reilly describes the new service:

The Internet is transforming itself from a collection of web pages into a huge distributed database. There’s a wealth of data out there-not just RSS and Atom feeds, but XML data on where to find a new apartment, how much to pay for a new car, how to see if there’s a storm approaching. If the Internet is your new database, you need a tool to mine that data-to merge and sort and search and filter that data. That tool is Yahoo! Pipes. Widely touted as an RSS feed aggregator, Yahoo! Pipes is more than that. With Yahoo! Pipes you can manipulate virtually any web-accessible XML data source, and then publish these data mashups for anyone to use-anywhere.

How I found out? Well, I meshed up some old school media (good old FM Radio) with RSS, piped it through my web browser and on via an essential audio player and combined supper with news consumption in time space.