Feedjit: See who’s with you when you’re reading a site

While reading on improvements for GNOME I noticed a sidebar showing who’s reading other then me right now, where they come from (city) and where they came from (site). While shocked (a little 😉 ) at first I came to think how nice an extra information it is to find other resources on the web from people likely with the same interests. I would love to see a widget for wordpress.com!

Get an impression:

FEEDJIT Live traffic feed on VentureCake

Update: Sadly, we won’t see Feedjit or other scripting stuff here on wordpress.com.


Is just my WordPress.com blog broken or is there a general server problem? — update

Wordpress broken. Red header in admin sectionSince I was editing a post yesterday night (around midnight CET) there is a red banner at the top of my wp-admin area and it shows “WordPress.com Blog” instead of my own. I can edit post, create new ones (like this one) about fine; with the exception that the tinyMCE hangs when after hitting the ankor icon ( see picture )… I was just about to insert the screen shots as I noticed I have 10GB of upload space, I can upload more file formates, among others mp4, avi, ogg, but I cannot use them! I cannot upload anything anymore. After the upload process in the area where normally one gets the option to insert the picture into the editor it gets redirected to the wordpress.com front page. Could there be a bug in wordpress? I did try to upload a larger (but <50MB) mp3 fileSuddenly I got 10GB upload space but cannot use it earlier on today. But that could definitely not be the reason for things not to work properly since the problems started to occur already yesterday night as said before. What should I do? I hope this can be viewed at all (e.g. via direct links from search engines), since calling sysblogd.wordpress.com puts me to the wordpress.com front page again. No way to show my blog’s content! I guess I’ll just have to wait a little until the support is open again (it shows “Support Temporarily Closed” now).Update: I seam to have found the bug: As I changed the theme from Freshy (I chose Ambiru for starters), which I have used over a few month now, everything seams ok. Also, the red header is gone. So let’s try to upload the pics I promised above… works again, too. When I think about it, as I was collection of Story of the year videos using copy/past with firefox I had something like the following in my post’s code:

[dailymotion id=<code>5zYRy1JLhuGlP3BGw]</code>

This must somehow have messed up the theme Freshy. The conclusion for me is: Don’t rush or even push solutions you don’t at least feel if not know they are just right for the problem. If you feel an obstacle in the way, what-so-ever, let it rest. The solution will come flying to you when it’s write. And also, the well stressed but never-the-less true saying “There lies a chance in every problem”: Now I found an even better theme for my blog 🙂

Securing WordPress: Quick links I found

Just a couple of links for securing wordpress: