Skype: What really happend on August, 16th

As Villu Arak reports 4 days after the “impact” on Skype network the network downtime was triggered from a loss of network resources, i.e. users around the globe not using Skype. And this, again, was caused by to many Windows machines rebooting after MS automated update and hence a flood of log-in requests to Skype servers. So it really was Microsofts’ fault 😉

Now it’s your turn to think about it in terms of global users’ power vs. dependency…

Ubuntu: Using closed-source application securely with AppArmor

If you have closed-source applications installed like Opera (I do), Skype, or whatever than AppArmor should be engaged. Especially for Skype Linux it’s irresponsible without it, since Skype Linux reads /etc/passwd, Firefox profile and other files. For Ubuntu Feisty it’s meant to be in Universe and in Gutsy it will be installed on default (without profiles, though). On the community help there is an instruction on how to install and use it for Feisty and Gutsy.


My first Time — Impressions using Joost

unexpected wind hose on Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 1998Carlos from Flash Enabled kindly offered an invitation to joost. Since I was looking for a way to watch the AC2007 matches online with a fairly slow connection (512 kB/s) — hence looking for quality video caching — I gave it a try (I haven’t afforded a digital tv card, yet). Discovering a broadcast for those races was disappointed. Instead I was solaced with “X Force – Episode 5: The Science of Sailing“, a report on 1998th Sydney Hobart Yacht Race (630 nm).

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